About us

Metro community is a group of individuals from all levels of society learning to do life together. we seek God, pursue truth, in an atmosphere of love, where judgment is left at the door.

At our core we believe in the power of relationship, because every person is worthy of being known. We try to live in relationship by encouraging one another to operate by a common set of values: dignity, safety, respect, and acceptance.

Despite the apparent affluence of our city, nearly 6000 people living in Kelowna are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of being homeless.

What does ‘at risk’ mean? This means, that within a 30-60 day period of losing a steady income stream, an at risk individual cannot reasonably afford rent or secure accommodation and will be forced to use shelters or sleep rough.

As a community, Metro is committed to working alongside the City of Kelowna and numerous other agencies, in a collaborative process called ‘Journey Home’. This process seeks to house vulnerable members of our community as a matter of priority and surround them with support services, to help them ensure success.

Our Team

We have an amazing, (if slightly mad) bunch who make it their business to serve and love our community! Some are full time, some are part time, but we are most certainly - a team!

Jeff Simla

Executive Pastor


Sandy Shier

Community Pastor


Graham Ord

Worship Pastor


Dennis Oenema

Community Pastor


Geoff Haney

Metro Central Coordinator


Derek Van Ryckeghem

Metro Central Coordinator


Jennifer Van Ryckeghem

Children's Ministry Coordinator


Lukas Ord

Administrative Assistant


Trena Smith



Alecia Dyck

Creative Director


Be a part of the story

All the different ministries at Metro represent excellent ways to get involved with our growing community. One of our Community Pastors will be happy to grab a coffee with you, hear about your passion and connect you to areas at Metro that would be most fulfilling to you and most meaningful to the community.

Get Involved

Getting involved with Metro can be as easy as a clothing donation or as involved as a regular volunteer position. In either case we are excited to have your partnership and support.

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