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Please join us every Sunday morning to watch The Gathering Online on Facebook or YouTube. Link is at the top of this page.

Coming up on February 20, 2021, our biggest fundraiser "Coldest Night of the Year" Scroll down to learn more.

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metro central:

Metro Central is happy to help with some of our major needs, including spiritual care. Check it out at 1262 St. Paul Street.

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Dream Sessions: imagine what could be

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We are a community from all walks of life, created in the image of God, pursuing the hope of Jesus, where the vulnerable are held at our center.

At the heart of our community – most treasured among us – are those most vulnerable in society, the homeless, excluded, and addicted. Metro is a place where the stranger is the treasured guest. We currently provide online gatherings.

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At the heart of our community are stories; the powerful narrative of God at work among us, unfolding His plan of restoration, redemption, dignity, and purpose. Each story weaves into the next.

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