Pop Up Poetry

Originally Posted December 10, 2015

Metro Central is more than just a coffee shop, a free lunch or a haven from the cold. Yes we are family. Yes we have clothes, and laundry. But we also have a thriving arts community. Today at 9:30, Norm - a gifted poet and artist, shared his poetry at our "Pop Up Poetry" at Metro. Lesley-Anne, our Artist-in-Residence, continues to bring life to Metro Community by cultivating a place where people can learn to express their creativity and have an avenue to do so. You'll find expressing your creativity can be a healing, restorative process.

Whether you know it or not, YOU ARE CREATIVE. We are all created by a creative God. Some of us are creative with words, paint, ideas, numbers or graffiti.... you name it. Literally.

Poetry is a personal expression but it's also a way to communicate with others. Poetry has a peculiar way of leveling us. When we share our own poetry, we are opening up a piece of ourselves, a window for others to see in. This experience is intimate. It very quickly tells us that, "Hey, we're not so different after all!" We all hurt. We all struggle. Why not do it together? Further, let's let Jesus carry our burdens - he is loving and WILLING.

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