The Metro Visual Identity

the metro marker

A brand or a logo is a symbol; a visual representation of a meaning. Every colour, texture, typeface and image all with meanings of their own, combine to create one big visual story. Metro’s mission is this, “We seek God; pursue truth, in an atmosphere of love, where judgment is left at the door.” Ensuring that the mission is visually represented by a brand identity is one of the big projects on the go in recent months at Metro. The brand can be broken down into 3 main elements: the marker, the material, and the moments. Here is a bit of the story behind Metro’s new brand called “The Metro Marker”.

the marker

Think of a big, black marker, like a sharpie. What do you use it for? Probably not writing an essay. No, more like making a sign, writing letters that need to be visible from far off, making your mark. It’s permanent. You don’t see marker work in a corporate space, you see it in street art. A marker stroke embodies something casual, non- institutional, permanent, bold, and loud and that is why the logo is rendered as lowercase, marker letters.

the material

Brown paper, marker swooshes and image cut outs. Anything come to mind? These are not the kind of materials you interact with if you’re filling out official feeling documents. Brown paper is a soft, raw material associated with thoughtful notebooks, packages and used out of necessity.

Marker swooshes and image cut outs; there’s no perfect, sharp corners or straight lines in these. These visuals are passionate, artistic and part of something expressive!

the moments

What could better represent a diverse community doing life together than the actual images of that all happening!? This brand will put all graphics aside to feature a photograph. In some cases the marker pieces are infused into the photograph. This is an expression of all that metro stands for, the meaning of the symbol, being smashed together with the actual community!

The brand aesthetics are raw, authentic, bold and people focused to represent
a Jesus centred community who is that as well.

Words by Alecia Dyck

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