Hope Has An Address

there is something overwhelming about watching miracles happen before your very eyes.

We’re not exactly strangers to the miraculous in our community. We’ve seen people healed, rescued from addiction, relationships restored from absolute devastation, and others come back from certain death.

But over the years in the life of Metro Community, perhaps one of our deepest cries to God has been for a home. Not specifically a building....but a home. One in which the Kingdom justice of Shalom is practiced; where wrongs are made right, where sorrow turns to joy, where isolation and loneliness are washed away in the beauty of relationship and being known, and where, despite our brokenness, and possibly because of it, we can truly discover the joy of being the Beloved of God.

1262 St Paul street

In His abundant generosity, God through His loved ones, gifted us a building to use and base ourselves out of. Our new home was 1262 St Paul street. We moved in, and were grateful! We began to plan for Metro Central 2.0, and I’m excited to report, that as you read this, renovations are complete and our coffee bar and ministry space is open again! Those who have no where to go during the day in our city, now have a place, and furthermore, as a community we have a home. Freshly painted, with new windows, and renovated within, our weekday home will soon have an enclosed courtyard in the summer, and will no doubt be a hub of activity and life.

1262 St Paul Street, Kelowna, BC

Metro Central

Metro Office Space

but wait... there's more!

1265 Ellis Street

After a number of years in the French Cultural Centre on Sundays, we now faced the reality of two full services and a growing kids’ ministry. By Fall 2017, we could see the writing on the wall. It was time to move! But where could we go? Who would have us. It seems that God has always gone before us in the history of Metro, and this was no different. Despite the hot property market, and highly sought-after location, somehow God saw it fit to grant us the opportunity to buy the adjoining property on the corner of Ellis Street and Coronation Street! The deal is secure, we have purchased the building, and we are faithfully pursuing donors, partners and asking you – will you prayerfully consider participating in a sacrificial way, above and beyond your regular giving?!

2018 holds a brand new chapter for Metro Community.
A purpose-designed renovation, with 10,000 sq. feet of space for ministry and community life, the arts, events, eating together, a commercial kitchen and a coffee bar for the weekdays. We’re seeking a partner to run a social purpose diner, which might train and employ members of the community. And on Sundays, we will have capacity for almost 350 people to gather and worship together, and for the first time in our church’s history, a purpose-designed space for kids’ church!

This is nothing short of miraculous, and the significant cost will require a faith journey that stretches us, like never before. We are unlikely to be able to sustain a mortgage as a church, so we must raise the entirety of the funds required to build and renovate. But God has brought us this far, and we believe with all of our hearts as a leadership team, that he has opened the door for this to take place. He has always gone before us, and He is preparing the way, once again.

It is no mistake, that God has brought Metro community to this new location, and as is His custom, gives us something smaller to work on, before giving us the stewardship of something larger! His imprint is on this block of the city, and he has raised His church for a time such as this!! With 5000 people moving into the immediate vicinity in the next two years, and with four condo towers going up within 100 yards of us, we know that He has placed us in the heart of a newly growing, vibrant and diverse neighbourhood.

A new chapter is upon us; an exciting adventure and challenge. We’re moving – with God before us, behind us, among us and within us. And if He is for us, who can be against us? Invite your friends, invite your family, invite your neighbours to join us! God is on the move!

1265 Ellis Street, Kelowna, BC

1265 Ellis Street Interior

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