From Preaching to Teaching

There are many things about teaching in an elementary school that are similar to working a day at Metro. In both places, there is a level of unpredictability and kinetic energy that are remarkably life giving. The way that chaos is embraced and redistributed as love are significant acts that take place in schools and drop-in based communities. These similarities being said, I have arrived at a moment of divergence.

In order to pursue my passion for educating our next generation, I have given my official letter of resignation to the leadership at Metro. Recently, I have been hired by our public school system, which marks the end of my journey with Metro as an employed team member. I believe that by stepping away I will create more opportunities for other staff members and volunteers to revitalize key areas of daily life within our community, while freeing me up to creatively chase down my dream.

While my resignation signals the end of my professional relationship with Metro, I will still be seen around. I look forward to taking on a more nomadic-transient-gypsy style of contact with Metro, as so many in our community have embraced. In the days ahead, you will find me randomly checking the sound of my harmonica through the PA system as you stroll into church. Perhaps, I will be sitting at a table at Metro Central enjoying a coffee with friends. Wherever it will be, you will see me around Metro.

It is interesting that when many people heard I was “resigning” that “leaving” become synonymous. That will not be the case. However, Sara, my wife, and I will be taking some time away from Metro, while the dust settles for both us and the community. Transitioning out of my role may be difficult. I believe this is why I will need to create a bit of distance for a while. Yet, I’ll come back and it will be a nice change to watch other people lead and provide direction to our worshipful gatherings. I look forward to experiencing the new creative ideas that come from new voices.

Just as you may see me hanging around the community in the days ahead, I, too, will see you later Metro.



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