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Coldest Night of the Year 2020

Coldest Night of the Year 2020 was a stunning success!

It was so important to come together as a community and raise awareness for the hungry, hurting, and vulnerable people in our very own community.  It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon! We are so thankful for all the walkers, donors, volunteers, and everyone else involved who helped make the event such a success.

Our warm-up before we embarked. Thanks Jody for leading us in Zumba!

Our warm-up before we embarked. Thanks Jody for leading us!

Big shoutout to our Lead Sponsor Big Steel Box, as well as our Rest Stop Sponsor Refresh Financial, who both generated awareness and funds for this notable cause.

We smashed our goal of $40,000 out of the park and hit approx. $51,000 in total. WOW! That is %131 of the goal thanks to our very own community who came together to make an impact.

Jeff at the opening ceremony!

Taking a photo-break at the rest stop!

It was so refreshing to see so many people step up and raise awareness.  We had people stopping us as we walked to ask questions about our cause. Well, we walk through the cold, dark afternoon to raise awareness and declare our concern for people who have no home, whose days are a battle to provide for their loved ones, those driven from home because of violence or abuse, and for those overwhelmed by isolation, guilt, and despair.  We walk humbly, realizing that anyone can lose their footing and then lose everything else. We were also happy to let them know that our bold and blue toques are a classic Coldest Night of Year tradition which continues spreading awareness even after the event is over.

On the walk!

Taking a photo-break at the rest stop!

Again, thanks to everyone involved who made CNOY 2020 amazing! We truly love you and want you to know you’re making a difference.

Now, let’s look forward to next year’s Coldest Night of the Year which is etched in our calendars for Feb 20, 2021.  Let’s stick together and continue making differences in the place we call home so that we can help those who need it the most!

Words by Lukas Ord

The Daves of our Lives rockin' out!

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