A Hair's Tale

Originally Posted May 20, 2015

As a hairdresser, I get the privilege of seeing into so many different lives. The other day, I had a brand new client come in for a haircut. She came in, I introduced myself, and we began with the consultation of what we were going to do with her hair. As she went on to explain in a flustered manner what she was wanting, I could tell she really wasn't quite sure. Each explanation contradicted the last and she kept saying that she wanted a "fashion" haircut. She didn't want to lose any length (it was very long) and felt as though the layers were all off. She kept referring to herself as frumpy and not hip. She needed to apply for a new job, wasn't sure what yet, and felt as though the way she looked what prevent her from obtaining one. I started to encourage her and let her know how beautiful her hair was (it really, really was) and that the cut was quite good. She began to feel as though she might want just a style as she rarely has time to curl or blow dry her hair. It was at this point that I really felt God tug on my heart, it was time to just listen to her and be completely present. This was much more than a haircut, and the haircut wasn't going to fix what this woman was feeling about herself (maybe temporarily). She was about to turn 40 and was feeling like she wasn't "fitting in" to her hip group of friends. As a single mother of a young teenage boy she spent many hours with him and didn't feel like she had much opportunity to go out and meet anyone. Seeming utterly exhausted and weighed down by her worries, so I offered to give her a wash and style instead. With a big smile she closed her eyes and said yes, that is exactly what she would like. As I washed her hair she really opened up about her life, her struggles, her insecurities, her relationships, and her desire to feel loved and accepted, my heart exploded for her, I wanted her so badly to know how truly lovely she is. We talked for the next hour and a bit, I showed her easy ways to do her hair, and soon we were finished. As she was leaving she eagerly said she couldn't wait to come back, I was pleased, as I wanted to see her again too. Before she left she stopped for a moment, sighed, and said how much lighter she felt. I was amazed that in such a short period of time God was able to give her peace through me.

I can be hard on myself sometimes, feeling that what I do as a career doesn't mean much or is too materialistic. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and I know He has given me gifted hands, and I am reminded so gracefully by the Father that it really isn't about what we do, but it is about who we serve. The people we interact with day in and day out. In a time where everyone is more connected then ever with technology, we couldn't be more disconnected. Do we take enough time to really be present with one another? I feel I don't, especially with how quickly life's pace can pick up. If you take a second to slow down and be present, that's when I feel He shows up when you least expect it.

- Kayla Gauthier

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