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Coldest Night of the Year 2020

Coldest Night of the Year 2020 was a stunning success! It was so important to come together as a community and raise awareness for the hungry, hurting, and vulnerable people in our very own community. It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon! We are so thankful for all the walkers, donors, volunteers, and everyone else involved who helped make the event such a success.


At the heart of our community are stories; the powerful narrative of God at work among us, unfolding His plan of restoration, redemption, dignity and purpose. Each story weaves into the next.

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A Writing About Hope graphic

A Writing About Hope

More than half of Lebanon’s population are refugees and the country is split between Christian and Muslim factions. In the midst of this, in the inner city of the capital city, Beirut – an incredible initiative I have the privilege to be working with - provide after-school mentorship for up to 2000 kids each week, working to bridge the divide between faiths, economics, and a war-torn history, advocating for peace and reconciliation.

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The Red Couch Gallery graphic

The Red Couch Gallery

Red Couch: Art by Metro, opened in June, 2017. Since that date we have hosted the artistic beauty of Metro Community artists and friends Liz Ranney, Chrisen Stober, Kirsten Petersen, and Dena Milanese, in our little street front gallery.

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The Metro Visual Identity graphic

The Metro Visual Identity

The brand aesthetics are raw, authentic, bold and people focused to represent a Jesus centred community who is that as well.

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Rome VBS 2017 graphic

Rome VBS 2017

Throughout, the kids were encouraged to deepen their relationship with Jesus in spite of the persecution they might experience at school or on the playground, and learning to put on the full armour of God daily.

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India Reflections graphic

India Reflections

Our Uncontainable God is building HIS church in India and we were humbled to be a small part of where He is working.

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Coldest Night of the Year 2018 graphic

Coldest Night of the Year 2018

Coldest Night Kelowna was a great success again this year; thanks to stellar leadership, inspired community members and of course, a pivotal awareness of those experiencing homelessness, hunger and other vulnerabilities, and the passion to do something about this collectively.

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The Inside Edge graphic

The Inside Edge

They found both their inner and outer freedom by structurally living on the edge of the inside of both church and society.” The inside edge of society and church, I like that.

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Pruning For Growth: Homo Incurvatis In Se graphic

Pruning For Growth: Homo Incurvatis In Se

In the Okanagan Fall season, the orchards and vineyards look like someone has taken a hatchet to them. In a matter of weeks, the hills go from being...

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Christmas Banquet 2014 Highlights graphic

Christmas Banquet 2014 Highlights

Another great Christmas banquet! Thank you Kelowna Gospel Mission for providing the food and to all our volunteers for your enthusiastic service and theatrical performance.

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From Preaching to Teaching graphic

From Preaching to Teaching

There are many things about teaching in an elementary school that are similar to working a day at Metro...

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Spring 2015 Baptisms graphic

Spring 2015 Baptisms

We had our very cold Spring Baptisms May 2nd 2015 at City Park!

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A Hair's Tale graphic

A Hair's Tale

If you take a second to slow down and be present, that's when I feel He shows up when you least expect it.

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Pop Up Poetry graphic

Pop Up Poetry

Whether you know it or not, YOU ARE CREATIVE. We are all created by a creative God. Some of us are creative with words, paint, ideas, numbers or graffiti.... you name it. Literally.

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