About the Series

Advent is all about the incarnation. And that incarnation is key to more fully understanding the story of the Bible. It is grounded in the four key words for the next weeks - Hope, Peace, Joy, Love. Society immediately connects Christmas to family, reunions, gifts, time off from work, and things like that. We settle for too little, because the meaning of Christmas is inexhaustible, but it’s filled with theologically powerful, life-changing truths. Advent means ‘coming’…and in this season we ponder the arrival of the ‘uninvited newcomer’ Jesus; into a world that did not want him, disregarded him, betrayed him and sought to kill him. God among us, Emmanuel. “Into this world, this demented inn, in which there is absolutely no room for him at all, Christ comes uninvited.” ― Thomas Merton

About the Artwork

Being a newcomer, arriving in an unknown place, can often feel surreal and strange. You start wondering how welcome you are and where you fit. This series artwork aims to capture that in the montage of disjointed and contrasting images, jarring colours, and loud type.


The Disruption

Sandy Shier

Community Pastor

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