About the Series

September is traditionally “back to school" season but in life, lessons are learned throughout the year and in different seasons of our lives. Some lessons are life lessons we will never forget. In this series, we transcend the classroom and together learn from one another eternal truths that have impacted our lives in real and practical ways.

About the Artwork

This graphic can be summed up as a return to the roots of the Metro brand. The side shows the original sketch behind the logo. The marker is used super intentionally throughout the brand to symbolize a bold, strong mark on the world. It's the beginning of a new season and a season of looking back at lessons learned. In these times it's good to remember the Lord is good and loves us in all our early sketches and bold marks we make.


Dealing With The Dragons In Our Life

Denis Federau

BCMB Director of Resource Min.


Confessions of a recovering pharisee

Randy Shier

Guest Speaker


Joel Feddersen 2

Joel Feddersen

Lead Pastor


Rob Thiessen

Rob Thiessen

BCMB Conference Minister


Joel Feddersen 1

Joel Feddersen

Lead Pastor


Learning to Serve

Graham Ord

Worship Pastor


a new season

Carmen Rempel

Guest Speaker


finding faith at the crossroads of life

Jeff Simla

Executive Pastor


the lord is gracious and compassionate

Graham Ord

Worship Pastor

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