The Gathering

Worship, community, breakfast, and teaching on Sunday mornings. We have 2 gatherings at this time. Courtyard Church on Thursdays at 12, and Dream Session on Sundays at 9 am and 11 am. Dream Sessions require registration, which can be found on our homepage.


Courtyard Church at 12 noon on Thursdays. Dream Sessions at 9 am and 11 am on Sundays (registration on our homepage)


Courtyard Church - 1262 St. Paul Street.
Dream Sessions - 1250 Ellis Street (BNA Brewing)

We strive to live by values of a healthy home and community: dignity, respect, safety and compassion for all.

We believe God made all people in His image therefore every person is worthy of dignity despite their life choices and through His Son, Jesus Christ. He draws all people to Himself for affirmation, healing and community. Our mission is to daily cultivate and live these beliefs and values in ourselves and in the hurting, alienated and marginalized people in the city of Kelowna. To look for Jesus in each other (and in the most unexpected people) and what it means to create a sense of belonging. To be a place of hope and hospitality to one another.

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