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1262 St. Paul Street, V1Y 2C9, Kelowna

creatives need solitary spaces to create, but rarely do we thrive in isolation. at metro we invite people to explore spirituality and art within community.

Over the years at Metro we have seen how the Arts play a huge part in the expression and well being of our diverse community. Art can be a type of prayer. Art can help to heal us. It's our observation that when people can express themselves in healthy creative ways then things tend to go better with them, socially, mentally and spiritually. Because of this Metro has always fostered a safe artistically creative environment for people to belong to. We operate on the assumption that we are all created to be creative. Some of our community make our living from our art while others are enthusiastic hobbyists, but however it is expressed, we believe that a creative artistic community is a more healthy community. Our vision as a community is to continue to express Art that will beautify and serve our locality and beyond. We see this being developed through our continued promotion of our concert series, poetry events and Art exhibitions as well as through our Sunday gatherings and midweek events. We would like to also add more opportunities for lessons and workshops in music and visual arts and other mediums that we have yet to dream up. If you have an interest in joining us in this please get in touch and let's talk. Hopefully we can find ways to do it together. Email graham@metrocommunity to connect.

Red Couch Gallery

Red Couch is a mini gallery to showcase, honour, and celebrate creative spirit in Metro Community, Kelowna, BC. Red Couch is currently closed due to renovations.

1262 St Paul Street, Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1Y 2C9

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