Getting To Know Charley & Spencer

In a couple weeks Metro will welcoming two new staff members from England: Charley and Spencer Pearce. To help us get to know them better, each has written a personal message and biography for our community to... Read More  


The Inside Edge

Richard Rohr wrote in his book, Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi, “Francis and Clare were not so much prophets by what they said as in the radical, system-critiquing way that they lived... Read More  


Community Summer BBQ 2014

More pictures on Facebook. Read More  


Safe Centre for Women Opens in Kelowna

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Safe Centre for Women Open House

Metro Community held a open house on Wednesday afternoon for the new centre which features 1000 square feet of meeting space as well as a shower and vanity room for women. Although Kelowna has night shelters for... Read More  


Pulling the Car Into the Shop

Stopping a moving vehicle is an incredibly simple, yet remarkable task. Consider the process for a moment:   You drive a Honda Civic, like me, and you are cruising along at 50km/h. There is a stop sign ahead,... Read More  


What Are You Recovering From?

We are a society of addicts. Humans are addictive by nature. Our society agrees that some addictions are acceptable like caffeine and work, others are obvious such as drugs, alcohol, while some remain hidden. We are... Read More  


I Want to Come Home

The warmer weather of Spring brings with it a sense of relief in our community; relief at having survived the winter, the reminder of better days ahead, but it also brings a sense of invincibility.   In these... Read More  


Lavish: A Great Success!

Thank you to Trinity Baptist Church -Kelowna, Evangel Church - Kelowna, Willow Park Church and SunRidge Community Church for their support in making Lavish (a women's only day) possible. Read More